Tuesday, October 2, 2018

4th Quarter Goals!

It’s October of 2018, and I have set my fourth quarter goals. But first, did I achieve my third quarter goals?

These were my third quarter goals:

1. I will finish my current first draft of The Goren, do the first revision of The Witch of the Manor House, and read twelve books. 

There is nothing like typing “The End” at the bottom of a novel’s first draft. Yes, I finished The Goren. It’s hidden away now, fermenting. I’ll take it out in 2019 for its first revision.

Sigh, revisions. The Witch of the Manor House is still a mess. I think I should have been able to make it more readable by now. I’ll take another pass at it in December. Fail.πŸ™

Yep, read twelve books, from mysteries and ghosts to theology and writing. Fun stuff.

2.  Dear Husband and I will pay off our car loan.

DONE, YAHOO, DONE DONE DONE! (I’m a tad excited.)

3. I will develop a routine to take better care of my emotional and spiritual health.

I’m pretty good at exercising and eating my veggies, but health includes all aspects of one’s being. I’m discovering things to include in my life without making it a routine. A routine being do A, then do B, then C . . . borders on perfectionism, and I don’t need that!

I've discovered:

  • Journaling for when I’m feeling off-kilter (usually means I’m mad about something, but won’t admit itπŸ˜€).
  • Faith-based meditating when I’m tense.
  • Singing when I’m discouraged by the national news (plus turning off the darn news).
  • And enjoying silence when I’m working or exercising. How can folks concentrate while digital notifications keep popping up? It’s distracting. And how can people jog with ear buds? You can’t hear the birds.

4. I will make four Christmas gifts. When December rolls around, I want to immerse myself in the joy of the season rather than rush around trying to finish crafting gifts.

Done. I love Christmas. I love crafting.πŸ’›

I aim for just a few goals since I do quarterly goals. The idea is to intensely pursue a few goals at a time rather than lackadaisically going after a whole bunch of goals over a year’s time. This method is not for everyone, but it works for me. My fourth quarter goals:

1. Christmas goal: Finish making Christmas presents by the end of November so I can enjoy the peace of the Christmas season.

I have four left to make unless the Good Lord drops a dozen new friends in my life between now and December. I'll get the Christmas cards decorated and addressed, too. This is a fun goal!

2. Writing goal: Write a novel during NaNoWriMo. (National Novel Writing Month. It’s a thing. It’s also a lot of work but with a supportive, online community.)

My working title is Hag's Hollow, and I’ll do the outline during “Preptober.” (October being the preparatory month for NaNoWriMo.)

3. Reading goal: I’ll read ten books this quarter. 

I have three in hand to start right away:

  • Volcanic Momentum by Jordan King. I have an ARC (an Advanced Readers Copy), and I’ll post an Amazon review on October 19th which is its release date.
  • Peril in Silver Nightshade by Lakota Grace. This is book 4 of the Pegasus Quincy mysteries. Half cozies, half police-procedurals, I love this series.
  • Word Painting by Patricia McClanahan. I want to read and work through all the exercises in October so (hopefully!) my prose will be more artistic in November.

Make this day even better! Consider:

  • Did you notice the feature image of this post is a collection of vintage tea cups from the 1940s and 1950s? For Christmas, I’m going to make teacup candles for a few of my friends. If there's a candle enthusiast in your life, this is a doable, pretty DIY with lots of online tutorials.


  1. The tea cups are gorgeous. I'm not very crafty but I think it's awesome (and probably a lot of fun) that you make gifts. Someone gave me a homemade gift last year that was positively gorgeous.

    It sounds like you've accomplished a number of goals and have a firm handle on future ones. I'll be cheering you on with NaNo. A Thousand Yesteryears, the first book of my Point Pleasant series was a NaNo project. I've never hit the 50K word count again and think I did that first year because of all the October prep I did for the book. That makes a ton of difference!

    1. Thanks for the cheering.:-) I didn't know you had a NaNo win under your belt, cool. Thanks for stopping by, Mae!

  2. I keep trying to comment and it just doesn't work.😜 Congrats on completing your goals! You inspire me. I did have a question about the neck gaiter...does it stretch and stay tight enough when you're walking or doing activities? Ironically, just after your post, I saw something similar at a high end store for $20 called a turtle. I immediately thought of your pattern and calculated the savings.πŸ˜€ Bobi

    1. Ugh, the commenting thing is so frustrating, and it's not you: the Blogger forums are full of complaints, mostly after GDPR. Well, I'm glad you got through as "Anonymous," Bobi.

      The polar fleece I used is stiff, and it stays up all by itself. DH wears his up around his face while he runs in cold weather with no trouble. I have an older neck gaiter, about 15 years old, that has lost its body, so that one doesn't stay up anymore.

      Yes, the fleece (and the zigzag stitch) stretch, but only a little, not like a knitted gaiter would. If I wanted one specifically to stay up, but in a floppier material, I'd measure my hat size (snugly), then make the finished circumference of the gaiter about half an inch smaller.

      Thanks for commenting, Bobi!

  3. Congratulations Priscilla for completing your goals!
    Here's to another successful quarter!

  4. Nice and manageable. Good luck with your writing and December goals. Teacup candles are beautiful

    1. Thank you, Pat! To tell you the truth, I'm REALLY excited about my writing goals. We'll see how things turn out! I'm glad you stopped by.:-)

  5. Great goals!!

    I am pretty disciplined about writing down "to-dos," but they are short term goals that need to get done. I am less successful at long term goals. I have made progress in improving my health and stamina - at 71 it is too easy to just let that slip - and at this age it takes a fair amount of effort to keep it normal, much less better than normal - not like when younger and you can ride by on youth. But it isn't a goal I wrote down - just decided I couldn't let the quality of my life slip any more than it had. So I guess I am an A++ on short term goals but a C-- on long term goals (cause there are a lot of long term goals I made NO progress on.). Ha!

    1. I hadn't thought of it that way, but yes, to-do lists are short term goals. I guess that's why it feels so good to check 'em off as you do them.

      I think when we're young our "health" goals are more like lose 5 pounds or run a 10k, but when we're older it's more about striving to have a healthy lifestyle. That's what I'm aiming for, anyway.

      Thanks for commenting, Elaine!

  6. I love a to-do list, and yours sounds do-able. There's nothing worse than setting yourself challenges that are unrealistic. Good luck with NaNoWriMo.

    1. Thanks, Julia. I'm excited about NaNoWriMo.:-) I'm glad you stopped by!

  7. Good job with your goals! And don't feel bad about not doing all the revision you wanted. Sometimes books need to sit awhile - they age, like fine wine. ;)

    And I wish you good luck with your new goals! :D (Especially NaNoWriMo...I confess it intimidates me, and I'm not sure I'm ready to try it, lol!)

    1. Thank you, H.L. Well, if you don't do Nano this year, maybe you can join me next year! I'm glad you commented.:-)

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