Thursday, July 5, 2018

Third Quarter 2018 Goals!

It’s July of 2018. That means it’s time for me to declare my third quarter goals. But first I should fess up to whether or not I achieved my second quarter goals.

These were my second quarter goals:

1. I will finish writing the first draft of The Witch of the Manor House, and I will read six novels in my genre, and I will read two technical books on writing. Done, plus I outlined and started a new novel, The Goren. (Are you supposed to italicize working titles or just published titles? I dunno.)

2. Dear Husband and I will pay off our last student loan debt ever. Done, woohoo!

3. I will develop a whole house cleaning schedule. Done . . . okay, I actually typed up the cleaning chart one day late, but still. The hot spots, like the kitchen countertops, get cleaned every day, and each part of the house gets a thorough cleaning every three months. It takes 48 minutes on the shortest cleaning day (Sunday) up to 86 minutes on the longest cleaning days (M/W/F).
My new cleaning schedule lives in the back of my calendar.

4. I will make six Christmas presents. (I’m being realistic and starting early so I won’t get crunched for time in December.) Yep, done.
Three of the gifts are sets of watercolor stationery for my epistolary peeps.

It’s been really helpful to score my goal progress each week. I can identify stumbling blocks that pop up and figure out ways to avoid those stumbling blocks on the following week.

And now, my 3RD quarter Goals:

1. I will finish my current first draft of The Goren, do the first revision of The Witch, and read twelve books.

2.  Dear Husband and I will pay off our car loan. This will be a challenge. It's a good thing we don't mind eating beans for dinner!

3. I will develop a routine to take better care of my emotional and spiritual health. I’m pretty good at exercising and eating my veggies, but health includes all aspects of one’s being.

4. I will make four Christmas gifts. When December rolls around, I want to immerse myself in the joy of the season rather than rush around trying to finish crafting gifts.

Make this day even better! Consider:

  • Here’s another writerly term you can slyly drop into a conversation about what everybody's reading lately: Potato chip chapter. It’s a very short chapter that entices the reader to keep going. The idea is you can’t eat (read) just one.


  1. Hi Priscilla,
    Congratulations on meeting your goals! I am also trying to come up with a whole house cleaning plan. I would love to see more details on yours. I am finding it interesting that my cleaning plan needs to change/be refined now that my nest is mostly empty. Have a great day!

    1. Thank you, Gretchen!
      Hey, that gives me an idea. I'll write a post for next week about how I came up with a whole house cleaning plan. Have a great day back at ya!

  2. That watercolor stationary looks like a gift I would like to receive...
    Congratulations on meeting your goals! Please share the Christmas gifts you are making.

    1. How very kind of you to say, Linda.
      And thanks.
      And here you go: chalkboard paint mugs (with a piece of chalk for gifting), crocheted dish scrubbie sets, a neck gaiter, reader's journals with an easy-to-do embroidered cover, lavender candles in rescued containers, and stationery sets. I'll have to post photos when I'm all done . . . and early enough that any of my friends/family who read this blog will have forgotten by the time Xmas comes around.:-)
      Thanks for commenting, Linda!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, Gail, and thanks for stopping by!

  4. Ok, I am feeling very lazy right about now.

    You are one productive person. And I am not sure how I missed the fact you are a writer. Not just a blog write. Way to go!! I bounced that idea around in my mind for awhile, but never had a creative idea to push forward on.

    1. To be exact, I'm an ASPIRING writing, not a published writer. Not yet anyway. (Sigh.) But hope springs eternal!
      Thanks for stopping by.:-)

    2. You ARE a writer. You write books and blogs. Publishing is a different process entirely. Your Christmas gifts sound lovely. Fawn

    3. Aw, you're so nice. Thanks, Fawn!

  5. Wow! I am impressed. I read a lot of blogs for inspiration and it's just great that you did EVERYTHING on your list. Any advice on how to motivate myself? You obviously know the secret! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Big Congrats! Bobi

    1. Eh, don't be so impressed. It was really hard, especially the writing.

      On those days when I wanted to vegetate rather than get moving, I'd tell myself I only had to do the task for 5 minutes because I can stand anything for 5 minutes. I'd actually set a timer. Then at the end of 5 minutes I usually found that it wasn't so bad doing the task after all, so I could keep going.

      Thanks for your kind words, Bobi.:-)

  6. Always great to write out our goals. Sometimes just seeing them in a concrete form helps us stick to them. Good luck with checking them off the list!

    1. I agree, writing out goals helps. I learned that lesson when I was 11 years old from my swim coach, Rob VanSlyke.
      Thank you, I'll get after 'em. And thanks for stopping by.:-)

  7. Congrats, Priscilla! It's always so exciting when goals are accomplished, and you did all of them! I hope your next set of goals work out smoothly!


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